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Take a Walk on the Wildside


Our customers call Wildside their home away from home.....

About Wildside

Paddy Aldridge is a genetic woman who loves men who dress as women. Paddy's business, Take a Walk on the Wildside, is a business geared to Crossdressers, Transvestites, Drag Queens, Transsexuals, All Transgendered People, Their Spouses, Friends, and Lovers. Wildside has been in business and in the press since 1987 (August 1 to be exact) and has become an institution. Here at Wildside is The Canadian Crossdressers Club. Thousands of people from all corners of the globe have taken their first steps at Wildside. Many continue to return regularly to renew their connection for Wildside has become their second home. At Wildside people experience acceptance. They feel normal.

Nestled in the heart of historic neighborhood Cabbagetown, we are located across from beautiful Allen Gardens. And we're just a few blocks from Toronto's downtown, the Gay Village, The Eaton's Center, Ryerson University, friendly restaurants, theaters, cinemas, public transit and within easy reach of Toronto's famous landmarks.

Wildside is across from the park and houses the Allan Gardens Floral Art Gallery above the store. There is a mannekin called Roxy Wildside (named after Paddy's late husband Roxy Wildside) in the window. Paddy is a working artist and gallery owner much of her art is now available for sale in the store and in the gallery above the store. Inside the front door you will find our boutique, club and hotel and of course, many friendly people.

The Wildside Boutique is fully stocked. You can browse the online catalogue to your hearts content and when you have an idea what you want come down to the store to check out the sizes and colours and new items. Paddy's primary concern is to see that you receive professional assistance in your shopping experience, becoming the woman of your dreams. That is why Paddy runs the store.

Paddy is a film student in in addition to owning and operating Wildside. This would not be possible without the support and encouragement of all the wonderful customers, members and friends of Wildside.

The Club lounge is, basically, the art gallery located on the second floor - it is a large white room with a beautiful engineered red oak floor and lots of great art. It has operated as a small theater called Paddy's Playhouse and it used to be a Karaoke Lounge on Saturday nights. Paddy sings Karaoke as a volunteer in two old age homes. There is seldom Karaoke at Wildside any more.

In this big room you will find a computer with high speed Internet. We moved the TV into the kitchen and you can watch it there if you like.

Club members have access to the wonderful makeup facilities on the third floor featuring large mirrors with excellent lighting and a large washroom with shower, (bring your own towels) and makeup remover.

Many of our guests find this an ideal place to prepare for the days events. Attendance at the club requires a $50 per year membership and a $15 per visit fee to cover the cost to maintain this excellent facility.

Some of the cozy, clean, comfortable rooms at the Wildside Hotel are rented permanently. We keep one available for short term stays. Overnight parking is $20. Many of our guests combine an overnight stay with a transformation or makeover.

We welcome you!

Special Note:
All Prices are in Canadian Funds.
Transactions appear as Toronto CDC on your statement

Take a Walk on the Wildside
161 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 2E4
1.800.260.0102 or 1.416.921.6112